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UK DMRB Reference Document:
NRA Addendum or Standard Dated
March 2015

Documents Available for Use in Ireland

1.1 The UK DMRB, Standards are designated by the letters GD, BD, BE, HD, SH or TD and advice notes by the letters BA, HA and TA.

1.2 The Standards and Advice Notes of Volumes 0 to 9 of the UK DMRB, as listed in Tables 0 to 9, are applicable in Ireland as amended by the NRA Addendum to each document. All references to the UK DMRB Standards and Advice Notes shall be read as references to the documents as implemented in accordance with the relevant NRA addendum. The Standards and Advice Notes of Volumes 10 to 15 of the UK DMRB are not implemented for use in Ireland although some elements may be cross referenced by the NRA Environmental Assessment and Construction Guidelines and by the NRA Project Appraisal Guidelines.

1.3 NRA Standards or other documents that are indicated by * replace equivalent UK DMRB documents.

1.4 UK DMRB Standards and Advice Notes indicated in Italics are not formally implemented by the NRA but should be considered as 'background reading' indicating good practice for the activity, or materials, under consideration. Users of these documents must make due allowance for any differences from UK circumstances. Some UK DMRB Standards and Advice Notes are specifically excluded from the NRA DMRB. These are considered as conflicting with current practice in Ireland (or be of no relevance) and are listed in the Tables 0a to 9a. They should, accordingly, not be referred to. In some cases the NRA DMRB continues to reference parts of the UK DMRB that have been superseded or withdrawn from the UK DMRB. The relevant UK DMRB document date of these parts is highlighted by the use of Brackets as antique text style is no longer usable.


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