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NRA Design and Contract Document Manuals

Welcome to the National Roads Authority Standards website.


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The NRA Design and Contract Document Manuals contain information relating to the design, construction and maintenance of national roads schemes in Ireland and can also be accessed below:


The NRA Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (NRA DMRB)


The NRA Manual of Contract Documents for Roadworks (NRA MCDRW)


NRA Interim Advice Notes 


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Departure Applications Website

All Departures from NRA standards or specifications shall be applied for using the NRA Departure Application Website. The procedure for applying for a Departure is outlined in NRA GD 100 (Volume 0, Section 3, Part 1 of NRA DMRB).

To register to use the Departures Application Website please e-mail: CLOAKING






Apply for Departure from Standards

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